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Spheros Aerosphers Tropical
Durability, reliability and long life

Climate-Solutions you can feel
The well-being of passengers has been our business for several decades and we are constantly developing new solutions. The impressive results are now embodied in the new Aerosphere Tropical:

  • High cooling capacity even in the most extreme ambient temperatures at all times of the year
  • Automatic temperature control all season
  • Fresh air function for optimum travel comfort
  • Super quiet brush less fan
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Spheros CC305-CC335-CC355
German engineering for worldwirde mission

More power- less weight, smaller dimensions and lower costs
Just how do they do it? That's a question we hear again and again in the world's bus markets. With the CC-family we have indeed created something special for demanding markets.

It was developed for use in rugged conditions
- in markets which are at the same time costsensitive, in which service and maintenance of the units must be simple, reliable and fast, e.g. with the aid of easy-access side flaps. But it will also appeal to markets requiring short, highperformance units for gas-powered and hybrid buses.

Special features:

  • Higher performance with reduced weight
  • Significantly smaller dimensions than its competitors: over 120 em shorter and 12 em narrower!
  • Lighter axle load and reduced consumption; enables new standards of safety and comfort; complies with emission standards
  • Power cooling ensures unrivalled rapid and even cooling of the passenger compartment
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CC 430/430S Double Floor
Air - conditioned bus two floors.

A great advantage of the Spheros is the CC 430 / 430S line that have the highest cooling capacity in the market and can be installed the rear or side of the bus , creating more options when plan your bus Double decker ( Double - Decker ) . The Spheros invests the constant evolution of its products to ensure greater efficiency Equipment and greatest benefit for customers . In Brazil and throughout Latin America , the Spheros has the support of one of largest service networks , ensuring expert technical assistance , network trained with the factory original parts and Spheros And all this with one of the lowest operating costs in the market .

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The REVO®-E Global

The REVO®-E Global is supplementing our range of all-electric rooftop air conditioning units and is specifically oriented to the demands of the global markets. A special emphasis was placed on lightweight construction, performance and simple installation. In addition to heat pump technology, customers also have the option of PTC heating.

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Valeo UV Purifier

Valeo has developed the world's most powerful air sterilization system for bus and coach cabins. Upon activation, the system eliminates, in a single airflow cycle, more than 95% of viruses, including Covid-19, as well as any bacteria or mold present in the air circulating in the cabin. Irrespective of the source of infection, whether inside or outside the vehicle, the Valeo-designed modules are effective throughout the vehicle's journey with passengers onboard.
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